10 agosto 2015

New horizons…


April, May, June and July, it looks like they never end. They are hectics, there are tensions all over. We are still very much into our “old” working lives.

Alex has to complete her  termination notice – tree long months April to June – while Max is dealing with a new big project kicked-off in early April and now at its peak.

We spend our limited free time, mostly at night, unmarking, checking and re-checking an endless list of items to buy, review, complete, ship to Trapani. And the more we unmark, the more items get added to that endless list.

June comes to an end, Alex says goodbay to her 25 years long job while Max is having hard time managing that project for the entire month of July. We travel to Trapani and stay there one week. We start working on board setting up new equipments, rearrange the cabins and the saloon, cleaning and getting rid of old and useless stuff. In the meanwhile a strong high pressure field from Africa expands across all Italian seas bringing light winds and temperatures rise to the roof… we sweat days and nights.

We fly back home, our last few days in the north of Italy, we do feel tired and restless as we say goodbye to parents, relatives, friends and our little nephews. We pack our bags hoping not to forget anything important, close our home with tears in our eyes (is it really true we aren’t coming back home any soon ??!!) and in a sudden we find ourself sitting on a plane with one-way ticket to Trapani where new horizons are waiting.


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